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It has been said that the world is getting smaller as we are becoming globalized. But when was the last time you have negotiated with international competitors? Do you think you can regard yourself as a global-oriented businessperson?
In our busy everyday lives, facing numerous and sophisticated work issues narrows our view of the world. However, absorbing different perspectives and listening to various thoughts opens up your mind.
Learning Cycle helps you deepen your knowledge and enrich your insight through frequent communication and challenging exercises. Hard work pays off, but with your extra work, you can see better results.

What we provide


“Effort is the most beautiful thing
one can make”

We all know that hitting the gym, eating healthy food, and studying are good habits. However, that doesn’t mean they are easy to maintain. That is why our parents and teachers had to urge us to study when we were kids. Guidance is needed for youngsters.

But we are adults now. We have the freedom to choose what we want to do with our lives. So why do we choose to stop studying even though we know it is good for us? Our excuse is that we are busy from overtime work, parenting, or socializing... yet we still tell our children to study. We always say “I don’t have time.”

It is said that AI will replace many jobs in the near future. As remote work is also becoming mainstream, companies with good positions have access to applications from all over the world. You have to realize who you are competing with now. You must be smarter in order to survive the changing business world.

Rather than wasting your time complaining about your company to your colleagues, or watching tv with a beer every night, do something with that time to help you grow. Think about how that one guy got promoted. Ask yourself how that one lady joined a prestigious company with wonderful benefits. They won’t tell others the effort it took.

If you want a better life, stop making excuses and start studying every day. Effort is the most beautiful thing one can make.

CEOKoji Hasegawa

After obtaining the certificate of Sports Management at York University in Toronto, he started working for Toronto Blue Jays, a Major League Baseball team. During his seven-year experience, he led an event management team as a result of an increment in sales revenue. Upon returning to Japan, he joined KDDI as a venture capitalist for their CVC fund. He not only invested in domestic and international startups, but also executed several mega-size M&A deals. By utilizing this unique experience and expertise, he has founded Learning Cycle in aim of establishing a scheme to create global business people.

About us

Learning Cycle, Inc. was founded by CEO Koji Hasegawa in July 2016. While our main office is located in Tokyo, Japan, our members are based in various places domestically and internationally, and we usually work remotely. Most of our members work from their home countries, including the USA, Brazil, Canada, the UK, Australia, etc. As demand for global communication has been growing, the number of our clients is also expanding. Some are listed below, but not all.

Address : Minami Aoyama 3-1-3, Spline Aoyama Tokyu Building 6th Floor, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Number of employees : 26 (As of September, 2020)


Join our global team

Learning Cycle is a growing, Tokyo-based startup in need of engineers, instructors, and administrators to help fulfill our vision of providing a quality experience for our clients. We work in an international environment which includes colleagues from around the globe, and which revolves around remote work. Accordingly, we are looking for individuals who display professionalism and discipline in their work as we rely on the satisfaction of our corporate partners.